GYST (Get You’re Shit Together) Girl Routine

Hey peeps! So I heard life was happening and it has you in some sort of funk. Well girl, I’m here to outline a routine that gets me back on track. I got the idea for this post while watching YouTuber Erin May Henry’s video on GYST Routine. Now after researching, I discovered that Kalyn Nicholson is the creator behind this idea. She has a GYST routine outline on her website I decided to tell my readers the specific routine that I use to get me GMST when things feel like they’re off track.

So the original routine is:

  1. Chores
  2. Beauty
  3. Goals
  4. Relax

My chores involve cleaning the bathroom, tidying the kitchen and vacuuming. After that lighting every candle I own, turning on the oil diffuser and Himalayan salt lamp. I finish by spraying the couch down with either fabreeze or a custom essential oil that I blended together. I also put everything back in it’s place that I’ve neglected throughout the work week. Once I’ve completed the house chores, I go get prepared for the work week ahead. This includes picking out clothes, shoes and all outfit accessories for the next two weeks. I know this may seem a little insane but it allows me to sleep a little longer in the mornings and that’s one less thing I’ll have to worry about during the week. If there are any changes in the weather I just switch my shoes and coat out. I also decide what purse I’m going to wear for the week and switch my purse out.

Now that’s the chores are out of the way let’s get into beauty part. My beauty pick me ups involve an exfoliating face wash followed by a face mask. If I need to style my hair for the week I’ll do that. Then I either take a shower or bath depending on my mood. While unwinding in the shower I exfoliate my feet as well. I follow up with my favorite body lotion and oil mixture. Then spray on my favorite body splash. I slip into some comfy lounge wear and I pour myself a glass of wine.

The goals portion of the routine is where I take the time to check back in with self. I set up my healing crystals, Oracle deck, sage and notebook. I start off by sage smudging myself removing any remaining energies that have lingered and are contributing to my funky mood. After cleansing I do a reading of the cards just to see if anything needs to be revealed to me. I write down any todo list that I may need to make. I go through music playlist to see if I need to delete any song that no longer speaks to my soul. I decide what I’m watching on Netflix for the week. While watching Erin’s video, I was introduced to the idea of creating a digital vision board. I liked this idea and so if I need to create a new vision board I do so now. I screenshot pictures or quotes (from social media) and arrange in a photo collage app. I save the collage as the background of my phone or computer. I also take this time to rewrite goals.

Finally! I can relax because I feel more put together and in control of things. Now that I’ve told you my routine let me go do it so that I can “Get My Shit Together “.

* Pictures for this post were retrieved from Pinterest.

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XOXO Doll 💋

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  1. This is a really nice blog and I enjoyed reading about the different topics you spoke on. A lot of it I needed to hear and relate to. Keep it going!!!


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