Another Vision Board….. Put Those Screenshots To Use

Hey Peeps! I know you’re probably like another vision board 🤦🏾‍♀️. What could she possibly tell me that’s different from the previous vision board post? Well I’m glad you asked 😂😂🤔.

I would love to be that woman that’s always put together but let’s face it I’m not. I’d also like to say that when I have no clue what to put on that I actually go through my my collection of fashion screenshots that I’ve gathered from social media, but I don’t. And it never fails that you run into a million people from your past when you’re looking a hot mess. And no I’m not that shallow that image is all I care about but I feel 100% better when I look my best. So, I decided to make a fashion vision board and hang it where I get dressed in the mornings as a reminder to always put my best foot forward. I know you’re thinking this chick has too much time on her hands. But I don’t. I just wanted to utilize my fashion inspiration pictures and clear up space in my phone album on my phone.

The process…… I used Walgreens to print my favorite screenshots, which cost 6$ for 32 pictures with a coupon code. I had an old cork board that I’d purchase from Target a while ago that was 10$. I also had some fabric laying around from when I tried my hand at YouTube and needed a fabric background. I used thumbtacks from the dollar store to hold my pictures down. Then I arranged the pictures to my liking. I placed the board strategically at my desk as wall decor and a constant reminder to at least try to put myself together even when I’m not in the mood. When my fashion sense changes I can easily switch out the pictures.

Next is the digital vision board…….. I use this as my computer background on my work computer. For this Board I use photos that help me remember why I’m at work, and photos that will help me remember any routines that I need help remembering and short term goal photos. I love using this type of board as computer background because I’m forced to look at it all day long. I use any screenshots that provides inspiration and I use a photo editing apps to strategically arrange my photos into a collage. I then set as my desktop background and go about my business.

* ps remember I use Pinterest, Instagram, google and Facebook to find the pictures that speak to me.

Please feel free to use my boards as an example but remember everyone’s vision will be different. I like to use a picture of myself in my digital vision board because it reminds me that the goal is doable and that my current state is apart of the vision as well. I hope that you found this post helpful and please leave pictures of your vision boards in the comments.

Xoxo Doll 💋

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  1. Thank you! This has inspired me to make my vision board! Coming soon..

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