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Hep Peeps! So in the midst of talking renewal and regrouping, I’ve decided to share something that I tend to be private about. Not that I’m ashamed of it or anything but, a lot of people tend to ridicule what they don’t understand and I try to leave my bitch side at rest as much as possible 🤨😂🤦🏾‍♀️. So while on my spiritual journey I discovered healing crystals. So what are these healing crystals and why are they receiving so much attention as of recently? Healing crystals have been around since the beginning of time. They’re mentioned in the bible, Greek mythology and so on. They are solid eye catching gemstones that form when certain elements and gases interact with one another. These gemstones can be used as tools to awaken certain properties within when introduced to a persons energy field. These healing properties ranging anywhere from calming anxieties to awaken your inner goddess. Each crystal has its own unique properties and benefits. The crystals work by absorbing the energy around them, so it is important to cleanse your crystal when you first get it.

Healing crystals come in all sorts of forms; from lose tumbled stones to jewelry and large chunk clusters used as decoration. The first crystal that I ever purchased was clear quartz necklace . It was dainty and I felt a sense of peace when I wore it. My collection has more than tripled since then. I’ll be sure to list some of my favorites down below. On any given day there’s no telling what stones I’m concealing in my cleavage or have tucked in my purse. I keep a small piece of malachite in my car and place stones all over my home.

Quick recap before I list my favorite stones. When purchasing a crystal get the one that speaks to your soul. Cleanse all prior energies from the stone. Just like batteries crystals need to be recharged so you can receive the maximum benefit. The full moon and natural salt water are great for recharging crystals. Most crystals possess the properties to raise your vibration frequency. They do work but you have to believe and trust. They can reject you. Example: you think you need to cleanse the negativity but in all actuality you need to first heal from the issue that caused the negative feelings completely and then you’ll be ready to remove the negativity. You can sleep with them under your pillow, put them on your desk at work or just hold it while meditating. Lastly, don’t depend solely on the crystals instead use them to help you raise to a higher frequency. The power was always within it just needs to be awakened and brought back to the surface.

A few of my favorite stones to work with:

Malachite: a powerful protection stone. It also is great for manifesting success. Great to wear on business deal, protecting the home and self and is said to always reflect how you are feeling. This stone is on the pricey side.

Rubellite: brings emotional balance, strength and love on a deeper level.

Black Tourmaline: protection blocks the carrier from absorbing negative energy around them. Needs to be cleansed frequently. It transforms the negative energy into positive.

Bloodstone: purify and detoxes the body. Great for blood pressure, grounding, healing and realigning lower chakras.

Ruby Fuchsite: heals the heart, helps awaken psychic awareness and helps you get back to your individual views and feelings.

Moonstone: for inner growth and new beginnings.

Lapis Lazuli: inspires confidence, reveals truth and enlightenment.

Snowflake Obsidian: balance for mind, body and spirit. Great for meditation and bringing buried emotions to the surface.

Amethyst: opens third eye, aids in relieving stress, intuition and communication.

Aventurine: healing of sinuses, heart and lungs. Stone of luck and stimulates metabolism.

If your in the DMV area and don’t know where to purchase healing crystals here are a few:

Crystals, Candles & Cauldrons

927 W 36 St, Baltimore, MD 21211

The Southwest Connection

8173 Main St, Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

The Crystal Fox

311 Main St, Laurel, MD 20707

I hope that you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and share and until next time XOXO Doll 🌷

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  1. Ugh! I soooo need to up my game on crystals. Love this post uet again!

    Great job bff

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