GYST Decade Edition….

With the new decade beginning in just a few weeks I got to thinking what dead weight was I holding on to? Were there any routines that I needed to incorporate in my day to day lifestyle to make things easier on myself? So I decided to create a checklist to share with you:


  • Declutter wallet: Get rid of business cards that are no longer needed, outdated receipts and expired health cards or whatever else you’re holding onto in there. IT’S TIME! Any receipts that are for electronics that warranties are not up yet make a folder for in your home. Place cards back in the slots and reorganize it for easier access to most used cards.
  • Declutter products: Go through body, hair and household cleaning products and remove all items that no longer fit your needs. Go through that medicine cabinet too. Remove all expired medications. Also use this time to make a list of items that need replacing for your next store run.
  • Clean Out The Car: declutter that trunk and middle console. Take this opportunity to repack the emergency care bag making sure all the essentials are in it (body wash, toothpaste, underwear, etc). Make sure the middle console is equipped with essentials too. (Facial tissue, hand cream, chapstick).
  • Create an exercise routine: make one that you can actually stick to. Any movement is better than no movement at all so just start.
  • Sage: cleanse your home and yourself of any negative energy. Take moment to meditate and recenter yourself. Release any grudges or anger that you’re holding onto. This is easier said than done but please try it. Go into the new decade as light as you can. I’m not saying befriend but I am saying release and move on. If a person or situation is no longer your cup of tea than don’t give it your energy. Treat them like a stranger if you have to speak speak (hi & bye) no small talk or personal information exchanged.
  • Create a 2020 Bill Spreadsheet: a simple spreadsheet where you list your monthly bills and which pay period you’ll pay everything out of. Also set any reminders on your phone if you need to so for morning of that pay period so you won’t forget.
  • Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished during this decade. It’s important to celebrate growth and milestones that you may have written off as small during the years. Those small improvements create major outcomes.
  • Start the process of Manifesting for 2020: remember those vision board? Well it’s time to start manifesting those visions. Start visualizing you’re emotional reactions to goals you wish to accomplish in the coming year. Believe in the goal, Give life and speak positivity about these goals. (I will be successful in my side businesses in 2020).

Also if any of your service contracts are ending in the upcoming year (cell, Internet, cable) start thinking about if you’re staying with the current company or taking your business elsewhere for a better deal. Now, I didn’t touch on deep cleaning the house or decluttering clothes and shoes because I do that by the season. However,if you need to than do so. And I can be a bit excessive in my organizing but I also updated my music playlist by deleting songs that I’m no longer into and rearranging/renaming playlists. Don’t forget to declutter pictures in phone too. I hope that you find this little checklist helpful. Until next time xoxo Doll💋

*If you’re life is all over the place and you have no idea where to start to get it together than it may be time to invest in a life coach. My price is listed on the life coaching page located in the menu bar.

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