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Fragrance 101

I tend to be drawn to fresh, fruity fragrances. ITS  So I thought I would share my favorites of all times.  The first is “Daisy” by Marc Jacobs.  This baby is perfect for special occasions.  It’s lite and inviting .  Ideal for the mature and sexy individual.  My second favorite is DKNY’s “Golden Delicious”.  This exceptional scent is perfect for date nights.  Its intriguing aroma invites your lover to get closer.   True Religion’s “Hippie […]

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Purse Chronicals 101

In the world of pocketbooks and handbags the options are unlimited.  I prefer an oversized classic, cute, yet functional bag.  My reasoning for this decision is that I would rather be fully prepared than totally unprepared.  I tend to pack my bag with everyday essentials.  I’ll fill the purse with varying sizes of  cosmetic bags and arrange them by categories so I don’t have to search as much when I have to find something fast.  For […]

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This doll’s skin care routine

Skin care is a must.  I have a long list of products that help to keep me super soft and smooth.  I would like to share these items with you.  My face care routine is pretty simple: daily washing with a cream cleanser, followed by moisturizer, once a week exfoliating and a biweekly face mask.  I also keep a spot treatment for the occasional breakouts.  I recently started preventive measures to make sure that my black […]

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Face of a doll.  A blog where you get to hear my opinion about beauty products and life issues.  Who am I, a 27 year old African American woman from a city where the last thing it is associated with is beauty blogging.  So welcome to the world of Dollface Devon…. *Don’t forget to subscribe*

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