✨She has the face of a doll and the spirit of a Goddess✨


Originally posted on HUSTLE AND GLOW:
Today I realized I am Magic. There is something inside of me that naturally draws people in. I walked past a mirror today, I realized I AM MAGIC. My Caramel skin is decadent, my melanin is RICH. My legs go on for miles, with more curves than Lincoln Drive. I felt my hands tracing alone my lines, traveling up to my hips, these hips……

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Happy New Year

Hey loves, Happy 2015 the year of confidence, success and self love.   I hope you all had a happy holiday.  I hope that this year you don’t allow anyone the power to ruin your self image or self esteem.  Accept who you are, improve what you can and know what you have to offer.  Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. There are a few products that I would like to shed light on […]

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Blah Blah Blah…..

Hey!! Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far.  I’ve had a few ideas floating in my head for a while.  I wanted to discuss them separately but decided to combine them instead.  My first thought relates to a personal styling website. Www.mystylit.com is a fashion website.  It asks you a series of questions like:  what’s your style, whose your celebrity style icon, and how much would you spend for certain items.  After you’ve created a profile, it […]

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Gift Giving Guide 101

Hey Loves! The holiday season is upon us so I wanted to offer some gift giving ideas.  These suggestions can be used for every occasion.  Hope you enjoy them. For the person that has everything, build them a spa day.  Give a gift certificate for a massage or a facial, for hair or nails.  You could even do lunch.  Place the items inside of a card and write a personal message that says ” you […]

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Fragrance 101

I tend to be drawn to fresh, fruity fragrances. ITS  So I thought I would share my favorites of all times.  The first is “Daisy” by Marc Jacobs.  This baby is perfect for special occasions.  It’s lite and inviting .  Ideal for the mature and sexy individual.  My second favorite is DKNY’s “Golden Delicious”.  This exceptional scent is perfect for date nights.  Its intriguing aroma invites your lover to get closer.   True Religion’s “Hippie […]

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