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How we’re rolling today…….Vlog1

​​ Happy Sunday loves! I vlogged our trip to the National Harbor and MGM casino for my mom and cousins birthday. It’s my first time vlogging and I hope that you enjoy getting to know me and my family better. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment and until next time XOXO Dollface 💕 Instagram: __Faceofadoll Facebook: Faceofadoll YouTube: Faceofadoll

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Hump Day Question of the Day….

I hope this post finds in good spirits. So it’s hump day and I thought, what better way to end hump day then a blog post. So the question of the day is : Is it exceptable to masterbate while married or in a relationship?  Now I know some of you are like really 😏? Yes, I’ve heard people say before what’s the point of masterbating when you have someone. […]

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Outfit Of The Day

The occasion: Bar outing to celebrate one of my good friends birthday. So I had my outfit all planned out (cute black dress and heels).  Then the unthinkable happened, I injured my foot somehow and was unable to wear heels for the evening.  So I went with comfortable yet chic……… Jeans: Gallo clothing (yes they still exist 😊🤔 Shirt: gift from mother (can you say shoulder cleavage is really in […]

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Question of the Day…..

Leave answers in the comments. Let the conversation begin. My answer: He obviously wasn’t the man of my dreams. He just looked good on paper (good career, no kids yet, own house and car and funny) but the man of my dreams wouldn’t be into sharing that’s first off. Secondly I cannot and will not judge, threesomes just aren’t my thing.  Social Media Instagram: __Faceofadoll

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Bra Talk

​   I just wanted to share the in’s and outs of shopping for a bra.   Instagram: @__Faceofadoll Twitter: Faceofadoll__ YouTube: Faceofadoll Facebook: Faceofadoll Don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and tell a friend. Hope you enjoy and until next time XOXO Dollface……… 

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