Services Price List

Full Coach Package $120

-Follow up (Individual Based Reminders)

-Multiple Sessions

-Long Term Goals

-Receive Coaching in Multiple Areas

Career Package $60

-Application and Resume Review

-Interview Prep

-Career Map Planning

Spiritual Package $88

-Aura Cleansing


-Guided Meditation

-Life Purpose Mapping

-General Healing


Confidence Building Package $88

-Healing Self Esteem Issues

-Creating Positive Self Imaging

-Specific Trauma Healing


General Life Guidance -$88

-Life Purpose Mapping

-Time Management

-Goal Setting

-Life Balance

-Accountability and Prep for Change

-Single session

Individual Service Prices

-Application Review and Completion (2 applications)$20 additional applications additional fee

-Interview Prep $20

-Career Map Planning( Individual career mapping) $15

-Resumes (Resume, Cover Letter, Reference List)$15

One Time Aura Cleanse $60

Email: for all inquires.

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