I’m Devon (Dev-un) a certified Life Coach and Energy Healer. I coach experienced individuals into becoming the best versions of themselves. I evaluate your circumstances and create a customized action plan that allows you to overcome obstacles, set realistic goals, remove limiting beliefs, overcome confidence issues, heal from past wounds and become your best successful self. My approach is unique because I combine holistic tools, intuition and life experiences. I coach in general life, career, relationships, emotions, developing spiritually, manifestation, confidence, channeling energy and business strategy. Let me help you ease your stress by creating an action plan.

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Are you looking to start a business but have no idea where to begin? Are you in need of an entrepreneur brainstorming session? Do you need some direction on marketing strategies, clarification on what type of business to start or how to turn your passion into a business?  Then the “Business Discovery Package” is for you. I’ll combine life experiences, research and today’s business principles to come up with a profitable business outline. img_9141 Email to book: Do you feel like you’ve reached a dead-end in your current career or in need of a career advancement plan? Wanting to change career paths altogether but are unsure of what options are available to you? Or do just need to reinvent yourself on the career front altogether? Well, the “Career Package” is perfect for you. You’ll be prepared to present your best self on the career front. img_9140 Email to book: Are you someone who knows exactly what you want in life but have no clue where to begin to obtain it? Need a little help in multiple areas of your life? Well look no further. My coaching package #1 allows you to get some direction. We’ll discuss concerns in personal life, work, relationships, emotions and so much more. You’ll discover what limiting beliefs are holding you back, if you have any energetic blockages and if holistic tools can be beneficial to help you live as your best self. img_9142 Email to book: You!! Yes you. Do you require more of a long-term commitment? Do you need more than just an action plan; you prefer being coached through issues in real time? Then this package is perfect for you. After assessing what is holding you back, you’ll get a customized action plan that will get you out of your current state of mind and into one that best aligns with the life that you want. img_9143 Email for availability.


Affirmations, Reiki, Mind Set Shift, Crystals, Intuition, Word, Excel, Life Experiences, Business Strategies, Goal Setting, Research, Sound Therapy


***Results vary. Coaches only assist and results are dependent on your commitment and willingness to do the work. ***
*********** For legal reasons this is not medical advice and does not replace medical treatment***********
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