Mini Reiki Crystal Grid Session…..

I decided to do this mini release and intensions setting session in honor of the new calendar year. More often than not life gets in the way of us really pursuing our dreams, goals and aspirations. So in this mini session I want you to set some goals, put a plan of actions behind the goals and create some mantra’s to help keep you aligned while you’re in the process of obtaining those goals. Remember a positive mindset goes a LONG way.

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  1. Where can the grid be purchased at? Also, are your cleanses in person or would they be virtual?
    Also, what can one do when you try so hard to keep a positive mindset but then sometimes a negative thought creeps in and mess up your alignment, how can one get back on track of positivity and push out negative thoughts

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    • If you’re local you can get an in person one but I do them virtually as well. You can grids and the crystals off line from etsy or your local mystical shop. Meditating daily can help with keeping you aligned but you’ll need to remove/release the energy that you’ve picked up that’s negative. So that can be done a couple of ways (self energy cleanses like salt baths, release sessions where you burn bay leaves, etc) aura Cleanses which I do, some journaling where you get honest with yourself as to what the negative thoughts are and why you keep thinking them and what needs to be done to get over the thoughts etc, grounding yourself with some crystals or a combination of it all. You should also write mantras for yourself and say them every day they will definitely help you stay aligned. I find that doing all if this helps.


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