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Remaining Positive In The Midst of Chaos

Hey Peeps! So the world is in a state of panic and day to day routines have changed drastically. While some people are a okay with social distancing themselves others are losing their minds. While no one is taking away from the seriousness of this health threat we still need to remain positive in the midst of this chaos. So you ask “how do I remain positive when the news is basically saying there’s no real resolution in sight and you’re best friend keeps calling complaining on the daily?” One of the best decisions that I’ve ever made was to stop giving my energy to issues and topics that I really have no control over. Be very aware but stop getting yourself all worked up(unnecessary migraine)when the people in congress make backward ass decisions. Be aware but stop raising your blood pressure when the company snitch decides to pick with you this week. Find a solution that works for the issue at hand weather it’s putting the company pain in their place professionally or writing to Congress yourself. Either way remaining calm allows you to think of the best solution and allows your health to to keep you on this earth longer. Stress kills so stop allowing these people to have that much control over you.

Now that you’ve taken your energy back, Stop complaining. I’m not saying not to vent but the world is full of enough negativity so stop adding to it. If you’re not where you want to be and your constantly speaking negativity into the situation you’ll end up staying there because you’re Aura frequency isn’t high enough to attract what it is that you’re trying to achieve. A lot of people love staying in that negative space and want you to join. I cannot!!!!!!! So I distance myself from those types of people. And truth be told a lot of them aren’t even aware of the negativity that they speak on constantly. Start speaking life into yourself, your situations and those people around you. Because weather you realize it or not these invisible emotional cords that we have with those closest to us are affecting us.

Next, Zen out your space so when issues of the world come knocking you can regroup, recharge and come up with a solid solution to fix what you can and prepare your mind to accept what you can’t. Weather your religious, spiritual or choose to just be you can still create a place of peace within. Surround this space with what makes you happy. I’ll include pictures of my space however, I do this everywhere from work to my entire home. I also use the everyday act of showering as a ritual for unwinding and washing off all the stress of the world. Use candles and music and whatever else you need to help set the mood in this zen place. If you meditate than meditate as well.

Since social distancing is the new norm use this time to get creative while being in the house. Rearrange that room that you never had the time to do. Take inventory of what your home needs (decor, appliances, adult beverages) so when the stores open back up you can get those things. Discover some new tv shows like “Little Fires Everywhere “ or “Breeders”. Read a book, meal plan since the freezer is full anyway. Exercise indoors. Sit on the porch if you can. Find a new hobby and research it. If you have some of those adult coloring books use them. Go through that old pile of mail. Update that resume, apply for that job that seems out of reach. Create that business plan, do some self reflecting. Create a new day to day routine that works for you.

Daily Routine Example

While things aren’t perfect things could always be worse. Remember to give thanks for whatever you’re situation may be. While change is often viewed in a negative light if you change your outlook on it you could see the beauty in the endless possibilities that change can bring . Moral of the post is to be aware. Aware of self, of habits that you’ve outgrown, of the impact that friends issues have on you and change what needs changing and heal what needs healing. This worldwide issue came about full force in the spring. Which is a season of birth and renewal and growth. If the currency changed today would you be ok? If you needed to support yourself in a different profession would you be stubborn or would you do what needed to be done? Stop letting outside stimuli dictate your happiness. Create happiness within because life’s going to keep on coming. All we can do is be as prepared as possible and adapt to turns that we never saw coming.

I hope this post helped in some way and until next time xoxo Doll 💋

Welcome to Faceofadoll, I’m Devon pronounced (Dev-un). I am the creator of this safe place where I discuss everything from skincare, beauty, lifestyle, spirituality, hauls and sex. I’ll share anything that I learn or that I am interested in. I share this information so that you can take what you need from it and leave the rest for someone else. I enjoy every part of being a woman. My fashion style can be described as gothic chic. I am a life coach, goddess, blogger and I work a 9-5 in the healthcare industry. I enjoy coaching people in all areas of life by combining my spirit of discernment, life experiences and the ability to think outside of the box. I have completed courses in life coaching, reiki and healing with crystals so if you’re interested in any of my services please contact me at the email address listed below and check out the service page. Don’t forget to subscribe and 💋Follow me on social media💋 📸Instagram @__Faceofadoll Facebook 📩 Life Coaching Email: ✨She has the face of a doll and the spirit of a goddess✨

3 comments on “Remaining Positive In The Midst of Chaos

  1. This post was so awesome! It was very uplifting! Good job BFF = )


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