The Everyday Women’s Fashion Inspiration

Hey Peeps!!!!!! So I noticed a while ago that when I go looking on the internet for fashion inspiration I never come across women that look like me. Women in my weight range and with my exact body type. Everyday women that are taking real life photos to inspire the everyday working women. So, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and post some. I hope that you enjoy this post and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe.

*outfit details will be listed after each outfit *

  1. Trench coat: New York & Company
  2. Sweater: Marshalls
  3. Jeans: Gallo
  4. Sneakers: gifted but any wedge sneaker will do
  5. Purse: Thrift Store find
  6. Eye glasses: prescription Versace frame
  7. Jewelry: everyday evil eye bracelet and heart bracelet and simple ring (all sterling silver)

  1. Oversized shirt: from my grandfather’s closet but you can find at a thrift-store
  2. Jeans:
  3. Heeled combat-boots: thrift store but h&m carries this same pair

  1. Denim shirt coat: thrift store fine
  2. Jeans: old navy
  3. Top: Gallo
  4. Watch: fossil
  5. Bracelets: alex & ani
  6. Shoes: target

  1. Sweater: walmart
  2. Shirt: h&m
  3. Pants: forever 21
  4. Shoes: thrift store
  5. Necklace: etsy (druzy healing crystal in black)
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