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Hey Peeps! So Since its taken me forever to share my must have body care products I’ve decided to add in some random things that I’ve been loving as well. I hope that you enjoy this post and don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and tell a friend.

Must have body care products:

Body wash: Oil of Olay Moisture Ribbon Bodywash: the purple scent is my all time favorite. It cleanses, moistures, makes skin feel so soft and it smells great.

Body wash: Dove exfoliating body wash: another product that you’ll find in my shower at all times. I use an exfoliating body wash at least once a week.

Feminine wash: Dove Baby Sensitive Moisture: it’s gentle but does the job well without drying out my delicate area.

Body Exfoliator: Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub: a heavy duty exfoliator that leaves skin smooth and moisturized.

Deodorant: Degree Dry Spray in pure rain or daisy fresh & aloe Vera scent: these particular scents don’t interfere with the smell of my perfume. It also stands up to the heat.

Lotion: Gold-bond Ultra Healing Lotion: it moistures in all weather and makes me feel extra soft. I do mix with my an oil which I’ll name later on.

Lotion: Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil in aloe & vitamin e: the scent is amazing especially before bed. Yes, I believe in some type of fragrance being applied at all times. This is a good lightweight moisturizer for days when you don’t feel like the gold bond and oil mixture.

Lotion: OGX Coconut Miracle Oil Lotion: I use mostly for fragrance but I can’t live without it. I’ll explain how I incorporate this into the lotion oil mixture in a bit.

Oil: 100% Coconut Cooking oil: it has anti-fungal properties and gives skin an awesome glow. It’s lightweight too.

*Lotion/Oil Mixture (1 pump of each): gold bond lotion, OGX Coconut lotion and coconut oil mix in hand and apply. This is enough for both legs. Honey!!!!! Super soft and you’ll smell amazing but light enough to still add perfume afterwards and not give yourself a headache.

Body Powder: Vagisil Deodorant Powder: I use this in the summer months under my breast and between my thighs when I have on dresses. Keeps my delicate areas fresh and dry.

Bath tools: sea foam body exfoliator from Walmart by eco tools for the feminine area twice a week. Keeps hair bumps from forming especially for my women who get Brazilian waxed.

Face moisturizer: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum: super moisturizing and never breaks me out.

Face Toner: Thayer Witch Hazel Cucumber: this stuff keeps my skin from getting texture bumps. It’s refreshing as well.

Shows I’m loving

The Last Kingdom: my favorite Netflix show of all times. Filled with action and drama. It just kept my attention.

Dead To Me: super unexpected plot twist and it caught my attention immediately. Also on Netflix.

DCI Banks: this is on Hulu. It had a great storyline and keep me in suspense from the beginning.

Britannia: available on Amazon Prime tv. Another action show that caught my attention from the beginning.


Shaggy: Supernatural: this is a good on your way to work jam. It puts you in a good mood and makes you want to sway them hips you know…

Pink Sweat$: Body Ain’t Me: his voice is bomb. Okay just trust me.

Billie Eilish: When The Party’s Over: this is for my “other genre “ people. I like the message in this song and the way they engineered it with her voice.

Megan Thee Stallion: Big Ole Freak: she talked that s*** in this song and I love it!!!!!!!!

Lil Pump: Esskeetit: when I’m in the mood for trap music this beat sick.

Shenseea: Jiggle Jiggle: love this song. Hips swaying beat making ass jump lmao. Just a good time song when you need to hear some dancehall.

Nao: Drive and Disconnect: one of my favorite artist out right now. This song is just a vibe and sip some wine. Plus her voice is awesome.

Ginette Claudette: Let It Ride: another chill record that I’m really feeling right now.

Trey Songz: Jill (Sumn Real): besides it being a remake of one of my favorite artist songs I like the way this song makes me feel.

Sammie: Issues: loved the words in this song. He’s an underrated artist in my opinion.


Wine: Capriccio Watermelon Sangria: not too sweet and you get a nice little buzz off of it. I also love the white sangria from this brand as well.

You tubers: for my people that watch YouTube and if you want to discover some new people check them out:

April Sunny: besides her being from my hometown honey; her personality is dope and she shares some good information for my relaxed hair girls. Yes we still exist! No mi don’t want to hear about it!

Makeupshayla: she is bomb!!!!! Love her home decor and vlogs. Plus her makeup is always on point.

LuxMommy: her energy is awesome and she’s always sharing some good hauls for my shopaholics.

The Lune Innate: for anyone that’s into Reiki and energy cleansing. Her voice very soothing as well.

Hello October: her fashion videos give me life. Plus she loves the color black 🖤 just as much as me.

Happystylishmommy: she just all around bomb. Check her out you won’t regret it.

Local Favorite Establishments: for my DMV people

Nottingham’s: a local sports bar and grill that makes a mean pear martini and chicken nachos.

Blue Point Crabs: the best crabs in Baltimore!!!!!!!! Great customer service as well.

Ships Cafe: excellent fish tacos🌮. Mouth watering just thinking about it.

Ibar: intimate bar and grill that has the best buffalo wings and cream of crab soup in town to me.

The Black Lotus Tattoo Shop: an expensive ass tattoo and piercing shop located in Hanover, Md. However, the energy when you first walk through their doors is awesome. The shop is aesthetically pleasing. Filled with all types of healing crystals, unique jewelry and spiritual statues. They are very professional as well.

Until next time……….xoxo Doll💋

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