Netflix and chill……

Hey Peeps! So it’s officially winter here on the east coast. And if you’re anything like me; you’d rather be in the house curled up on the couch with a glass of wine more than being out in these cold streets. So…… I decided to recommend my favorite shows on Netflix and hopefully you can enjoy them during your winter hibernation. I prefer watching shows more than movies on Netflix so pretty much all my recommendations will be shows. Please feel free to leave anything that you recommend in the comments below.

Now let’s get into these shows:

  1. Offspring (hilarious comedy about life and did I mention 7 seasons 😍)
  2. The Last Kingdom ( excellent action and drama about war and kingdoms)
  3. Damnation (suspenseful drama about religion, revenge and secrets catching up with your ass)
  4. Reign (Mary Queen of Scott’s 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ a great storyline of how a queen comes into her own)
  5. Safe (a plot twisting mystery)
  6. Ripper Street ( another plot twisting mystery but based back in the day)
  7. Travelers ( a great drama about people from the future coming back to today)
  8. Broad church ( suspenseful mystery drama)
  9. Bates Motel ( a mystery drama with 4 plot twisting seasons)
  10. Shetland (mystery drama)

And I have to throw in two shows on Hulu that I absolutely couldn’t get enough of:

DCI:Banks and Harlots (both mystery drama’s full of twists and turns)

I hope that you enjoy my recommendations while staying warm during this winter season. Until next time XOXO Doll 💋🖤…..

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