Open Love Letter

Hey Peeps! I am a hopeless romantic at heart and have recently come to the conclusion that women are sick and tired of dating in today’s generation. They are choosing to shut down on the idea of having love all together and just be alone until the end of time. So I decided to write a letter to them:

Dear Women,

A good single man still exists. I know you’re thinking well what is you’re idea of a good man so let me break it down. A man with old school principals that has adapted and applied those principles to today’s world. A man that wouldn’t play with your emotions because he doesn’t want you to play with his. The type of man that would die before he disrespects you’re union because he couldn’t take the pain that he would cause; if he allowed temptation to temp him out of self control. A man that is well balanced with his time. A man that can express his feelings in a manly way to let you know you’re appreciated and loved; while still being able to tell you when you’re going overboard on certain topics. The type of man that could take constructive criticism in the bedroom because you’re body is the only one he’s interested in pleasing. A man that understands no ones past is perfect but see past your in perfections and see that you’re worth fighting for. The type of man that values family time, quality time together and respects alone time. A guy that enjoys quiet evenings in as well as dates on the town. A man that wants to create memories with you exploring the world while he explores every part of you. A man that encourages when you need it. The type of man that wants to assist in healing past love wounds instead of adding to them. A man that wants to grow spiritually with you and thanks the Creator for you. The type of man that truly respects you and understands that you and him make a team a partnership a union so deep. A man that wants to peel back all your layers and accepts the challenge of doing so. The type of guy that communicates when everything’s going smoothly as well as when it’s not. The type of man that calls just to say hey just checking on you. Someone that recognizes no relationship is easy but that you’re relationship is worth it. So women don’t lose hope. These type of men still exist and is waiting for you to get the idea: that all men are the same out of your head. This type of man just needs to know that you can provide everything that you need because he has needs too. Keep hope alive and hold him accountable when he comes.

PS: This isn’t meant to bash men whatsoever. It’s just meant to lend hope and express what some women are looking for. It’s also meant to remind you that real men still exist and that you are deserving of such a man.


The Egyptian Goddess of Love 🖤

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  1. Bihhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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  2. Lawwwwwwd BFF, girlllllllllllllll you read me to a “TEA” this was one of my favorite blogs of yours. It’s so real and authentic. I’m so proud of you!


  3. I loved it ❤️


  4. Yessss! Goddess of Love ❤️


  5. Devon, I’m sorry that I’m soooo late reading this but I am really feeling this and believe it all to be true and women need to know. Keep spreading your hope and love. It’s inspirational!


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