Just another sexual, sensual Tuesday

Hey Peeps! With spring vastly approaching; the season of renewal and realigning what’s out of balance, we often forget to include our sexual health in the equation. So I decided to have another sensual conversation on this sensual sexual Tuesdays.  This morning I scheduled me a V steam (I’ll elaborate on that in a different post) and started watching a Sex and the City rerun and this question came up: If you had to rename your sexual organ something non-sexual what would you name it? So I started texting my friends and I was like no Doll ask the blog.

I would name mines Wine, no specific flavor just Wine. I named my V this because you’ll love her down to the last drop.  She’s sweet, sassy, and gets you relaxed and right where you need to be.  LMAO non sexual right. But seriously I want to know what names you’d come up with and why you would associate your organ with that name? So please leave your names in the comments below.

I’ve also decided to include a self-reflecting exercise to help improve on self.


Create a self-reflection journal: Current me vs future me

·        List strengths and personality traits that you love about yourself

·        Embrace flaws by listing what you want to improve on(the more that your aware of your flaws the less you’ll be affected when someone tries to call you out on them)

·        Create an action plan to make improvements and a plan to get goals complete

Please let me know if this self reflection exercise helped you in any way. Until next time XoXo Doll

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Who is this chick and why does she think that she has the face of a doll?🤔😂 Well I’m Devon and my smooth skin gives the illusion of a doll. I am obsessed with all things polished, sensual, glamorous, chic and spiritual. I also have a knack for matching people with career choices that match their personality and are outside of the box. If you’re in need of some spiritual guidance, career coaching, resume writing or confidence building please email at the email address provided below. And if you’re just into hauls, learning about healthy hair products, sex talk, deep spirituality talks and anything else my random ass can think of then please subscribe. 💋Follow me on social media💋 🖥YouTube Channel: Faceofadoll 📸Instagram @__Faceofadoll Pinterest @ddoll0377 Facebook @Faceofadoll.com 🐣Twitter @Faceofadoll__ 👻Snap @Dollface428 📩 Life Coaching Email: Faceofadoll.com@Gmail.com ✨She has the face of a doll and the spirit of a goddess✨

2 thoughts on “Just another sexual, sensual Tuesday

  1. First I want to say I am beyond proud of you bestie! Secondly, I love v steams, it makes you feel like a brand new woman afterwards. My name would treat because everyone LOVES treats lol good or bad


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