Updated Perfume Collection

Hey Peeps! I just wanted to share my perfume collection and explain what occasions I wear what, which are the absolute must haves for my collection and how each makes me feel. . I enjoy mostly fruity scents that are soft and a little mysterious. So if you’re into perfumes or just want to see what my collection contains please continue reading.

Paris Hilton Tease: This is my everyday work scent. A staple in my collection. It has this I’m a boss but still a lady smell. I can still smell it on myself a few hours after applying.

True Religion Hippie Chic: A must have in my collection despite being discontinued. I search online when I need to restock. This is an everyday scent. When you’re not doing anything special but still want to smell good. It’s uniquely fruity so you won’t be smelling like everybody else.

DKNY Be Delicious Golden Apple: A date night scent. Very gown, sexy and irresistible. Last on me for hours which is a must on a date. A staple in my collection.

Guess by Guess: ok so this is a mixer perfume. Yes I said mixer, I’m famous for mixing certain perfumes for my own creation lol. I mix this with Brittany Spears Curious and I get compliments from men and women. This is an everyday scent appropriate for work as well.

Brittany Spears Curious: An oldie but a goodie. Smells great alone or mixed with Guess perfume. A staple in my collection. Just an everyday scent for when you want to switch it.

Burberry London Women’s: Newbie to my collection. Different from my normal scents. Gives me I’m a grown women but not serious at work type vibes. Like you’re at lunch with the girls or happen to running to the mall and want to be on point.

Marc Jacobs Daisy: Another everyday work scent or can be layered. Just an all around must have for my collection. Great lasting power. A unique fruity experience that I honestly end up missing when I’m in between bottles. Gives me sexy yet daytime appropriate vibes.

Marc Jacobs Honey: A date night or night out with the girls scent. Fun and flirty and makes me feel good. I also sometimes mix this with DKNY Golden Apple.

Chanel Chance eau Tendre: one of my special occasions scents. Makes me feel sexy and polished. Great lasting power. I almost never mix this with anything.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream: this will not be repurchased. Gives me old lady vibes. I force myself to wear it 😩🤦🏾‍♀️.

Versace Bright Crystal: Just a great everyday scent weather you’re going to work or running errands. Light; refreshing makes me feel happy scent. Great lasting power. Definite repurchase for me.

Marc Jacobs Dot: It was fun while it lasted. I don’t plan on restocking. It was fun and fresh but I have enough everyday running errands scents.

Chloe: Special occasion scent. I wear when I want to feel extra important or have an elegant affair to attend.

Jimmy Choo: One of my favorite unique special occasions scent. Smells like you have business to attend to but you’re still a lady, lmao. I truly enjoy the uniqueness of this scent.

Calvin Klein CK2: One of the only unisex scents that I own but the staying power on this isn’t good at all. I really like this scent but I won’t repurchase because it stays on as long as a body splash.

Paris Hilton: A definite staple in my collection. I use this to layer just about every perfume that I own. I will wear alone if I’m not doing anything special.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. Please share any scents that I should check out. Until next time XOXO Doll💋

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  1. My favs are BCBG: Max Azria, Chanel Chance, Jimmy choo Blossom, Marc Jacobs Daisy So fresh, Chanel Mademoiselle


  2. Great choices Most of those I have but yu have some in your collection that I’ve been Leary if trying but will now. Thanks fir sharing.

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