Pray for Baltimore

I never thought that I would have to comment about the violence going on in my City.  But the more I sit back and listen to people, who are not from Baltimore City, voicing their opinion’s I feel the need to speak.  For those of you who don’t know, a young man by the name of Freddie Gray was severely injured while in police custody.  A week ago, while in Shock Trauma, he died from those injuries.   Ever since his death, the citizens of Baltimore have been in an uproar.  For some reason, over this past weekend, the non violent protests turned violent.

Now let me explain.  See I was born and raised in Southwest Baltimore.  And I grew up in a neighborhood not far from where Freddie Grey was killed.  I was brought up by a single working mother who raised me and my sister to become productive members of society.  So,for me, being raised by a single parent is no excuse for exhibiting criminal behavior.

There are a lot of police involved crimes that occur in my City.  And as it happens in most Cities, they just get swept under the rug for fear of making the police look bad.  But now, the people are tired.  Of course it’s not okay for them to burn and destroy our City or the communities where we live but if violence is the only thing that people know then violence is what they will do.   You can’t be expected to do any better if you don’t know any better.  So, Monday evening, the citizens were yearning for their Mayor to address her constituents in order to put their minds at ease.  But just like she’s done with past dilemmas, she was slow to respond.  And when she finally did address the masses, she danced around the subject and basically said nothing comforting or reassuring.  While I am not condoning the negative behavior, I do understand the citizen’s disgust.

So if you can’t voice a viable solution to our on going problem then be quiet.  Baltimore needs prayers, guidance and a strong leader to reassure it’s people that the problem is not the police as a whole but a few bad seeds.  So as my prayers blanket the City I ask that the Mayor starts to really step up and do her job.  Because there is no way that it should have taken as long as it did for her to say something.  I’m not saying that the rioting was her fault but, I think, it played a big part in it.

She needs to show concern and assert her authority so that we know she is on the same page.  So if you want to do something, pray for my City or use your voice to spread positivity and support.  There is enough negative news being spread around without giving the full story.  Honestly if the protesters had not turned violent, would the media be as concerned?  Would our State appointed official’s have addressed the issue?  I don’t think so because the peaceful protesting went on for a week.  I’m just saying…


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  1. I agree to disagree Martin Luther King led peaceful protest in the worst of times and was able to get his point across eventually! you cant destroy your own neighborhood to make a point that doesn’t make since what JUSTICE does our family and friends get now that worked in those stores that lives in our community and now are jobless. Our city does need prayer because we are better then this than what the media is hyping it up to be I agree with Faceofadoll! It’s just that now did we make a point or did we make it harder for our community.

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