Coming into spring! 

Hey loves!!!  If you’re on the East Coast, like me, then you have probably been beat over the head with snow this year.  And at the first real peak of sunshine you want to shed every layer of clothing and bask in it.  But you still have to be smart and not jump right into summer.  So, I’ve decided to share a few spring appropriate looks that show just enough skin so that you won’t catch pneumonia.  I’ll also list where you can find each item down below.  Thanks again for all your support, it means the world to me.  Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already done so, leave a comment,  or just like.  Until next time… XoXo Dollface!

Ps: Did I mention I live in the color black…..




Dress: JC Penny’s, boots:, sunglasses: Steve Madden

Boots: jessica Simpson, jeans: shoecity, shirt: wal mart, sweater:, jacket:



boots: local thrift store, skirt: forever21, sweater: forever21

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Who is this chick and why does she think that she has the face of a doll?🤔😂 Well I’m Devon and my smooth skin gives the illusion of a doll. I am obsessed with all things polished, sensual, glamorous, chic and spiritual. I also have a knack for matching people with career choices that match their personality and are outside of the box. If you’re in need of some spiritual guidance, career coaching, resume writing or confidence building please email at the email address provided below. And if you’re just into hauls, learning about healthy hair products, sex talk, deep spirituality talks and anything else my random ass can think of then please subscribe. 💋Follow me on social media💋 🖥YouTube Channel: Faceofadoll 📸Instagram @__Faceofadoll Pinterest @ddoll0377 Facebook 🐣Twitter @Faceofadoll__ 👻Snap @Dollface428 📩 Life Coaching Email: ✨She has the face of a doll and the spirit of a goddess✨

6 thoughts on “Coming into spring! 

  1. I love your outfit!! It’s nice to see another East Coast girl lol the snows been crazy, can’t wait for the warmer weather to stay! Great blog! P.S I live in the color black too lol xoxo


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