Engery, confidence and me!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Loves!!!!!!!!!!  I hope that you all are starting your week off on the right note .And if not I hope these helpful tips will help you get back to your happy place.  Remember you get back the energy that you put out into the universe. Sometime you don’t even realize that life has taken a down turn or that your force is negative.  When you find yourself in this place, here are some ideas  you can try.


  • Identify when you need to regroup in order to get back to a positive balance
  • Own your confidence (Remember there isn’t a soul on this earth like you.  When you’re confident in your own skin everyone around you can feel it)
  • Associate with positive people (When surrounded by negativity it can sometimes rub off on even the strongest person.  In the event of this happening, re-evaluate the relationship and act accordingly)
  • Take pride in your appearance.  When you look your best you feel your best
  • Consider Spiritual Inspirations (sometimes you need extra help)
  • Listen to Music (It’s something about listening to Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj that gets me in my diva mood) lol
  • Take some me time (light your candle, sip your wine and focus on what makes YOU happy)

Once you are revitalized get back to living… until next time XOXO Dollface.



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  1. Great words of encouragement! allot of times I do need to remind myself about always staying tru to you!

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