✨She has the face of a doll and the spirit of a Goddess✨


Love this!!!!!!


Today I realized I am Magic.

There is something inside of me that naturally draws people in.

I walked past a mirror today, I realized I AM MAGIC.

My Caramel skin is decadent, my melanin is RICH.

My legs go on for miles, with more curves than Lincoln Drive.

I felt my hands tracing alone my lines, traveling up to my hips,

these hips…

I looked in the mirror, I stared into my eyes.

I saw MAGIC.

Reaching out I traced my lips, my heart shaped lips.

These Full, luscious heart shaped lips.

I felt myself smiling, I began to laugh.

I laughed, What I heard was MAGIC.

My raspy voice, my bright almond shaped eyes, my thick curly lashes…

this wide nose.

Today I saw MAGIC.

I followed the path out my cheekbones and I found soft, kinky, curls.

A thick head full of curls.

I spread my fingers…

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