This doll’s skin care routine

Skin care is a must.  I have a long list of products that help to keep me super soft and smooth.  I would like to share these items with you.  My face care routine is pretty simple: daily washing with a cream cleanser, followed by moisturizer, once a week exfoliating and a biweekly face mask.  I also keep a spot treatment for the occasional breakouts.  I recently started preventive measures to make sure that my black won’t crack (lol).  An under eye cream and night cream are used when I can remember.  Here is what I’m currently using:

IMG_0666 IMG_0299

  • First Aid Beauty Fab Face Cleanser
  • First Aid Beauty Fab Facial Radiance Polish(a must have product leaves you looking refreshed and glowing)
  • First Aid Beauty Fab Daily Face Cream
  • Loreal Paris Ideal Moisture day lotion in sensitive skin
  • Neutrogena ageless essentials continuous hydration night
  • Neutrogena naturals acne spot treatment
  • Neutrogena healthy skin eye crean
  • First Aid Beauty Fab Instant Oatmeal Mask

As for body care, I believe in moisturizing and exfoliating.  As a general rule, I keep at least 4 body washes open in the shower.  The reason is that I can sometimes be indecisive.  I’ll usually let my mood decide which body wash to go with.  I have a heavy moisturizing wash, a sexy scented one, an exfoliating wash, and a scented moisturizing wash.  I also use lotion and a body oil to moisture with after showering.  I always finish with a some sort of body spray.  Yes I’m the kind of woman you can smell down the hall.  Not the nauseating kind of smell but the kind that makes you want to stop me and ask what that fragrance is.  Here is my list of body items:

  • Nivea touch of Renewal lathering body scrub
  • Dove Purely pampering body wash
  • Caress evenly gorgeous exfoliating body wash
  • Bath & Body Works wild honeysuckle shower gel
  • Dove visiblecare softening crème body wash


  • Jergens Hydrating coconut milk body cream
  • Jergens Deep-conditioning shea butter body cream
  • Neutrogena body oil

My body sprays change with the seasons.  I am currently using:

  • Bath & Body Works Peach & Honey Almond fragrance mist
  • Bath & Body Works French Lavender & Honey fragrance mist
  • Bath & Body Works Mad about you fragrance mist
  • Victoria’s Secret love is heavenly
  • Victoria’s Secret noir tease

Here are two photos I took without any makeup.  I’m only wearing lip gloss and moisturizer.

FullSizeRender ghrf

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  1. I am a 54 year old female (blk). My question to you is, what should I do with my eyelids, which seem to overlap and you can’t see my eye makeup. I don’t know if this is an age thing or what. Your mom and I have that smile where you can’t see our eyes when we smile. But, my eyelids a ridiculous…


    • I would try lining your lower lid with an eye liner in an eye opening color like beige or almond or nice green and when using eye shadows use a eye catching bright in your crease. Also Avon offers a products to help firm the eye lids, however, I am not sure if it really works. I hope this helps and thank you fir visting


  2. I love it sis I want to tell you that I am very proud of you for doing what you believe in and I hope that I will recover my dreams and then pursuing with so much passion ,excitement ,and love just like my big sister

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  3. I suffer from oily skin and acne … do you think it exfoliating once a week will work for me also?


    • Exfoliating would help brighten and get rid of the dead skin cells, but if your skin is already irritated it might make breakouts worsen. If you do decide to exfoliate get one geared toward acne. Start with once a week first to make sure it doesn’t further irritate your skin and always use a moisturizer after to prevent drying out. Hope this helps and thank you for coming.

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      • Thanks for the advice im starting to see a little change in my face especially on my cheeks I’ve been forcing myself to stick to a daily night routine verse my old just wait till the morning and wash my face with a rag and water lol!…I don’t know how to post a picture on here yet I would love to share the results!


  4. My skin is very oily… I’m gonna try some of these products!!! Thank you for sharing 😍


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