✨She has the face of a doll and the spirit of a Goddess✨


Face of a doll.  A blog where you get to hear my opinion about beauty products and life issues.  Who am I, a 27 year old African American woman from a city where the last thing it is associated with is beauty blogging.  So welcome to the world of Dollface Devon….

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  1. Luv it Devon…Now all u need is some background color..lol..U have to do the in my bag!!! Luv & kisses Kia


  2. Hi, Devon, nice website…..your complexion is so natural looking. That’s what I achieve for. I truly believe in daily and evening facial wash followed by a good moisturizer. I only eyeshadow and lipgloss. Never liked foundation. No one believes my real age. Sometimes when I do not get enough rest I get dark under the eyes. Can you recommend a product for dark lines under the eyes please.
    Luv your blog……


    • Thank you very much Shirley!!!!! The only under eye cream that i use is neutrogena healthy under eye cream. However First Aid Beauty Fab Eye Duty Triple Remedy eye cream was given great reviews on Sephora’s website. I hope this helps and thank you for your support.


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